FloFeed Star Contest

Does the sound of this get you hot and bothered?


  • Wi-Fi model
  • 16 GB of storage
  • 9.7 inch (diagonal) multi-touch screen

If so, listen up.

We are giving away a free iPad 2 to the first person who can get 75 friends/followers to join FloFeed. That's it. No catches, secret trap doors, or loopholes. That's ALL you have to do. Now how hard is that?


I want to see who my competition is. How do I know who is leading the contest right this very second?
WeĠre not telling! Just kidding! Check the Top Runners page for real-time updates on who is in the lead.

How can I increase my chances of winning?
Start inviting your friends ASAP! No tricks here.

How will the prize be delivered to the winner?
It will be shipped to you.

How will you know who got 75 followers first? That seems like a hard thing to keep track of.
Every time a user follows another user on FloFeed, there will be timestamp of the action stored in the website's database. So we can see right down to the second who will have the 75th follower/friend first.

Will the owners, employees or other affiliated persons of FloFeed be participating in the contest?
No way! We're not into cheating. Employees, affiliates or the owners of FloFeed will NOT be eligible to enter the contest. Plus the owners already have their own iPads.

Will I be receiving any marketing spam from FloFeed for entering the contest?
Yep, we're going to sell your email to highest bidder. NOT! The prize is a NO STRINGS ATTACHED offer. We just want you and your friends to enjoy FloFeed and this is our way of rewarding you. ThereĠs no other obligation and you will not be receiving any annoying spam emails.

Will there be deadline for the contest?
Nope, there is no deadline for the contest. However, as soon as someone snags their 75th follower/friend, they will be declared the winner and the contest will end.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some followers/friends!