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"Delete feeds and comments" feature added

Jan 6, 2010

Although this is minor update, the feature for deleting feeds and comments is very useful for users. At first, we thought it would be better to keep feeds as they are once they are published. However, with suggestions by some users we decided to add the ability for users to delete feeds and comments they wrote.

So, this is small minor update but more are coming to make FloFeed a better way to communicate among college community members.

Service interruption

Dec 29, 2009

During the process to rollout FloFeed Blog, we experienced a minor error glitch. Some of you could not have been able to follow the link for blog entry post as well as browsing college feed homepages.

Now, all has been fixed and everything should be in normal. Sorry for any inconvenience.


FloFeed Team

New SMS feature coming soon!

Dec 29, 2009

In coming next few weeks, we will be adding new opt-in SMS(text-message) feature for our users to receive real-time update feeds from their friends whom they subscribe.

This kind of rapid communication channel through FloFeed will help our users in many ways, such as getting an emergency notice from school officials and reaching your messages to party concerned at the speed of light.

We look forward to rolling out this exciting new feature in near future. Hope you all will enjoy and benefit  a lot from having such real-time communication channel.

FloFeed Intro Video

Dec 29, 2009

A few weeks ago, we added an introductory video about FloFeed. The video explains about what FloFeed is by presenting one of the scenario where students can take advantages of FloFeed as a communication channel to make their life easier.

In this current video, a hypothetical student named "Kevin" and his friends were planning to visit New York city from their college town in central PA. He posted messages on Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone would like to give a ride. But his messages could only reach to a small circle of his friends but not to the entire campus community. Then, he learned about FloFeed.com and started broadcasting his message to his college community on FloFeed.

Fortunately, there was another student named "Dave" who was also planning a trip to New York City by his card and he commented on Kevin's status update on FloFeed. Then, they got in touch and everyone had a blast in New York that weekend.

This is a brief summary of the video. The story illustrates one of many actions you can take by joining FloFeed to make your life easier in getting your message to larger audience.



Or you can watch or share it on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHC6Vh-G6o0

FloFeed Official Blog is launched

Dec 29, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Today, we rolled out the official blog of FloFeed to release news and updates about our website from time to time. The blog will provide a way for us to create public relationship with our users and also for users to learn about news updates about FloFeed.

So, if you need to check out latest news about FloFeed, you can come and visit www.flofeed.com/blog. We also have RSS feed for those who would like to read latest news from their favorite RSS reader. RSS feed url is http://www.flofeed.com/blog/rss

Thanks for visiting our blog.


FloFeed Team